“You shall have no other gods before me.”  Exodus 20:3 NIV

Read:  Exodus 20: 1-7

Have you ever been given a choice that was really no choice at all?  Has someone told you that it is their way only?   There is an old expression for such.   “My way or the highway” sums it up pretty well…’do it my way or hit the road’.


I recently was subjected to such a demand when another was demanding a situation which was to his financial advantage.  Money can be a bad influence on some people.  Be careful when requests become demands. Not everyone can be trusted to honor their word when forced changes would benefit them more than others.

GOD is the only ONE who is justified in making such a demand.   HIS way is the right way.  HE told us ‘My way or the highway’ in Exodus 20.   We call these  instructions the Ten Commandments.   The first seven verses pertain to GOD himself.  GOD gives us these ‘MY way or the highway’ rules for our benefit knowing HE could not trust sinful man on his own.

Are you keeping the Ten Commandments?  Each and every one are for your benefit.   Don’t ever believe you can turn, twist or flatly ignore any one of HIS commandments.   Doing so would be telling GOD you know better than HIM.

Go to Exodus 20 and read GOD’S 10 Commandments.   They are not just “MY way or the highway’ rules.  They are GOD’S protection plan for each of us.

Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, LORD for protecting me every day.   Help me to faithfully observe each of YOUR commandments throughout my day for my benefit and the benefit of others.   Amen.”