“They thrust the needy from the path and force all the poor of the land into hiding.”   Job 24:4 NIV


Read:  Job 24

We have all heard the warning to never turn our backs.   The expression is laced with the dangers of not being aware of something or someone who could do us harm.


But, there is another way of learning from that old expression.   We should never turn our backs on the good things in life either.   In particular, we should never turn our back on a believer.


If you ever turn your back and disregard the needs or refuse to reach out to a believer, you are turning your back on CHRIST.   When we shed our responsibilities, we are abandoning our duties as followers of our RISEN LORD.


Has someone recently asked for your help and you gave it a passing thought and decided you did not have the time or money to aid them?   After all, you thought, somebody else will help them.   The only problem is the somebody else you thought would help them was also thinking they did not have the time or money either.


Guess what…we all have the time.  The problem is we accept the things of this earth as more important than the things JESUS told us to do.  It is not too late.   Go to that person and give them the help they need.   You will be glad you did.


Today’s prayer:  “LORD, Thank YOU for all YOU have done for me.   Please forgive me for not doing for others.   YOU have blessed me so that I can be a blessing to others.   Today, I will bless others as YOU will have me do.   Amen.”