” And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”    Romans 8:27 NIV


Read:   Romans 8: 26-30


You hurt.   You feel alone and think no one understands how you feel.   That may be what you think, but that is not true.   GOD feels all your pains…physical, emotional and spiritual.  GOD feels your pain just as you do and HE cares about how you feel.   Even when you feel alone, you are never alone.  GOD is with you.


We can find comfort in an assured faith.   GOD sent us HIS only SON.  HE was born as man to feel the hurts as pains we all feel.   HE suffered as man physically and emotionally.  HE suffered beatings, cried at losses and died as a man.  But as GOD, HE was able to deal with those pains.


As a believer, GOD will help you deal with those pains.   JESUS sent the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, to each of us who have trusted in HIM.   THE HOLY SPIRIT is alive in each of us who believe.   HE will never leave us.   Alive in us, HE feels all our aches and pains.   HE knows the emotional turmoils we deal with daily.   Everything you feel, GOD feels as a physical and spiritual part of you.


At those times, when you can’t find the right words or you don’t know the words to pray when asking for help, THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD knows just what to pray.   HE intercedes for us…for you…taking your needs and prayers to GOD in Heaven.   GOD tells us in Romans 8:28;  “In the same way, the SPIRIT helps us in our weakness”.


Next time you are hurting and words of prayers are just not there, lean on THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD to supply the thoughts and words for you.


Today’s prayer:  “LORD GOD, Thank YOU for always knowing my pains and sufferings.   Thank YOU for YOUR HOLY SPIRIT in me to guide me and pray for me when I am unable to pray for myself.  Amen.”