“NOT EVEN A THANK YOU!” Wednesday Minute

“Sing to the Lord with grateful praise;  make music to our God on the harp.” 

Psalm 147:7 NIV


Read:  Psalm 147


You did all you were supposed to do.  In fact, you went well beyond what anyone would ever expect.  You gave more and more and more.   Others were happy to take all you gave; your time, talents and even your money, but they never showed any appreciation.   You were generous and never expected anything in return.  But, did they even say “Thank you!”?


Most of us have been in that situation.   We also might have been the one who took and took and took and never humbled ourselves to utter a simple “Thank you!”.   We cannot be critical of others for not thanking us for our efforts while we don’t apply the same standard to ourselves.


What about all the times GOD has given to you more than you deserved?  Have you ever made a list of all you have that came from GOD?   You can sum up your entire list in one word.   Everything.    Everything you have, had or will ever have comes from GOD.  Everything.   Your family, your job, the food on your table, your car, even the clothes on your back all came from GOD.


Have you taken and taken and taken from GOD and never given back to HIM a humble “THANK YOU, LORD!”?    We go to GOD in prayer, never hesitating to ask HIM for more and more.   We ask HIM for things we want and don’t necessarily need.   We ask HIM to help us in times of distress.  We ask HIM to heal us and others when illnesses attack.


If we can ask and ask, why don’t we say “Thank YOU, LORD!”  each and every time we go to HIM with a request.  Shouldn’t we acknowledge all HE has given to us before we ask for more?


What about the greatest gift GOD has given you?   HE gave HIS SON to die on that cross.   HE gave HIS SON to take away all your sins so you can spend eternity in Heaven with HIM.


Today’s prayer:   “Thank YOU, LORD for allowing me to bow my head and say ‘Thank YOU for all YOU have done for me.’   Help me in my failing ways to praise YOU in all my words and actions.   Thank YOU for listening to all my prayers. Amen.”