“Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people; praise his holy name.” Psalm 30:4 NIV


Read:  Psalm 30


I have learned to sing fairly well…not great…but fairly well.   I am still reminded of what my oldest son told me, years ago in church, when he was about 16: “Not so loud, Dad, others can hear you!”.  Back then, I could not carry a tune…not even in a bucket!


A pastor recently told me of being asked in school choir:  “Can you sing ten or?”   He replied he thought he was a bass.   The teacher joked; “No not tenor….ten or twelve miles away.”   Then, we have heard of the singer being asked:  “Can you sing Far Away.   The singer responded he did not know Far Away.   The requester clarified:  “No not the song Far Away…..really far, far away.”   Oh, we can be so cruel, even when joking…


Our voices may not please everyone.   But, they please GOD.  GOD created you with the voice HE chose.   Your joyful noise is a blessed symphony when GOD hears you.  HE loves to hear you raise your voice to praise HIM.    It is more than just your voice.   All your thoughts and actions given to praise GOD, to do HIS work and to spread HIS gospel are all well received.  Of course, there is always someone who can do something better by our human standards.  But, your actions will always be the very best by GOD’S standard.


Feel the joy of being GOD’S best.   Raise your voice in praise.   Share HIS good news and for that moment, you are doing it better than anyone else in GOD’S eyes.


Today’s prayer:   “LORD GOD, Thank YOU for hearing my desperate attempt of singing my praises to YOU and seeing my actions as better than I believe they are.  Thank YOU for being the forgiving GOD.  Amen.”