“We know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin; the One who was born of God keeps them safe, and the evil one cannot harm them.”  1John 5:18

Read: 1John 5

All the doors are locked with double dead bolts and the burglar alarm system is activated.   You feel safe and secure these things are going to protect you from all evils.   Wrong!

You have saved and budgeted wisely.  There is six months of income in your savings account and your retirement account should support you for 30 years after you retire.   You feel financially secure.   Wrong!

You try to eat right with few fried foods and you have cut back on the amount of your salt intake.   If time allows, you even walk around the block once a week.  Your recent physical was not too bad.  You think you are healthy.   Wrong!

You go to church almost every Sunday and you tithe most of the time.  You even read your Bible two or three times a week…some weeks.   You are more faithful than a lot of others so you must be going to Heaven.   Wrong!

Your locked doors and security systems are deterrents but are not absolute protection.  In an economic collapse as we have seen, a dramatic part of your savings can be gone in hours or days.  And your health, are you kidding yourself? Health is a temporary situation.

What about your faith or your lack of faith?   Going to church and tithing will not get you into Heaven.  Reading your Bible is good for you, but will not get you into Heaven.  Comparing yourself to others may make you feel good about yourself, but is no key to Heaven’s gate.

Your only safety and security comes by accepting JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOUR.   If you have not accepted CHRIST’S gift and had all your sins forgiven, lay in the safety and security of HIS arms by praying:

“JESUS, I am a sinner.   I know YOU are the SAVIOUR of the world and I need to be saved.  I want to follow YOU.  I want to know more about worshiping YOU and learning more of YOUR WORD.   Please accept me and cleanse me today. Amen.”