“Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them.”

Romans 4:8 NIV


Read:  Romans 4:1-8


Do you depend upon numbers in your life?  Have you ever had a problem balancing your checkbook?   The numbers in your checkbook just don’t match the numbers from your bank.   Chances are, the math error is in your checkbook.


More and more restaurants are printing the number of calories of meals on their menus.   I recently saw an item with 3,300 calories on the same menu as one with only 575 calories.   We can use these numbers to our benefit.


Look at other numbers.   What are the number of times you pray each day?   What about the number of times you go to church each month…whenever the doors are open or only when it is convenient with your schedule?  How about the number of times you help someone without being asked?  Or how about that checkbook?  How many checks are you writing to help spread the Gospel as JESUS told us to do?

There are other numbers that don’t lie as well.   How many times today did you turn your back on a friend or how many times have you uttered GOD’S name in vain or used language you know is not what GOD expects of you?

Numbers don’t lie!  Are you counting your blessings or are you counting all the blessing you are missing GOD has for you?


Today’s prayer:   “JESUS, Thank YOU for all the times YOU have forgiven me…so many I can’t count them.   Help me use all the opportunities YOU have given me to worship you.  Amen.”