“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”  Romans 1:20 NIV


Read: Romans 1: 20-32


I had a young man who worked on a project for me for a few days.   No matter how I attempted to communicate with him, my words seem to fall upon deaf ears.  Five days he was to have started work at a scheduled time.   Each of those five days, he gave me five different excuses for being late every day.

He had a pleasant attitude and worked super hard, yet the projects never got finished.  He would start, then decide there was a better way to do the job than instructed.   His efforts would lead him astray.  Then, he would have to undo what he had done and start over…a lot of wasted time and effort.   No matter what he did, he had another excuse for his actions.

Excuses are words that attempt to cover up the failures.   Reasons are words that clearly justify our actions.   Excuses are never reasons.   When we have reasons, we don’t need excuses.

GOD’S Bible is like that.  GOD had and has a reason for each and every verse.  Each verse has a purpose that we can use to live by and help to help others.  We have excuses.   Excuses of not reading our Bibles are without any merit.   There are no excuses for not reading HIS instructions for us.

There are no excuses for reading our Bible and not living our lives as GOD intended us to do.  Reading our Bible creates reasons for us to live our lives as GOD intended.

Get rid of those weak excuses and live as GOD wants.   HE gave you all HIS reasons.

Today’s prayer:   “Dear LORD,  Please forgive me for all my feeble excuses for my failures and sinful acts.  I do want to live my life for YOU for all the right reasons.   Amen.”