“Then young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well.  I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.”  

Jeremiah 31:13 NIV


Read:  Jeremiah 31:1-14

Years ago, there was a popular song with lyrics that pleaded; “Save the last dance for me.”.   It was a custom that a lady might dance with several men, but the gentleman who took her to dance was entitled and the lady would politely save the last dance for the one who escorted her.

You have been escorted to the dance called life.   Unlike the lady who was asked to the dance, GOD did not ask you.   You had no choice because GOD had a plan for you.   GOD created you to live this life on earth for HIS reasons.   HE created you to do good not evil.


Satan has convinced many that bad is really not all that bad.   A ‘this won’t hurt anything’ and a ‘no one will ever know’ has been his temptation to lure us away from GOD’S perfect desire for us.   Slowly, just a tiny step at a time, Satan has taken people from just the shadows of darkness to the dark pit of evil.
Are you dancing to the music GOD gave to you for eternal life or have you traded GOD’S song for the deathly tune of the devil?   Like the old ‘American Bandstand’ quote; Satan’s tune sometimes has a good beat, but it is hard to dance to.

GOD invited you to this dance called life.   Isn’t it time to stop dancing with the devil?   This day may be your last dance.   Don’t you want your last dance to be with GOD?

Today’s prayer:  “LORD, Thank YOU for creating me to live the life YOU wanted for me.   Forgive me for the times I turned to Satan, when I should have been faithful to YOU.  I want my days on this earth to be with YOU and all YOU have for me.   Amen.”