“SINATRA: ‘I DID IT MY WAY!” Wednesday Minute

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this.”  Psalm 37:5 NIV


Read:   Psalm 37:1-7


A few years ago, a very successful business man told me Sinatra’s famous song, ‘I Did It My Way’, was his personal theme song.  He bragged about how everything he had was because of all he had done.   He admitted, without any shame, there were times he lied to get ahead.  He cheated in business and in his marriage and claimed it was all worth it.  He even said he knew for sure he was going to hell.  He believed doing life his way on earth will be worth all the suffering he will endure in hell.   After all, he did it his way.


How wrong can one person be?  The problem is too many of us are doing life our way as well.   Oh, some may be believers, but we are still doing things our way.   We set up our own standards and are self dependent of what we want and what we must do.


Others of us have become modern pharisees professing hardnosed scripture for others while refusing to listen to the wonderful grace of GOD.   We have become experts at condemning others’ lifestyles, while doing what we want for ourselves.  We are so busy ‘doing it my way’, we ignore GOD talking to us and guiding us as individuals…just as he talked with Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jonah and others.   HE gave them very specific instructions of what HE wanted them to do.  If you will stop ‘doing it your way’ and start listening, you can hear GOD telling you of HIS way.


Has GOD given you very specific instructions?   Doesn’t GOD have a way that is better than you doing things your way?  Sure HE does.   Stop doing it your way and start doing it GOD’S way.


When you submit to doing it GOD’S way, you will discover HIS wonderful grace rewarding you for listening to HIM.


Today’s prayer:  “Dear LORD, Thank YOU for telling me of YOUR perfect plans for me.  I want to do all YOUR way.   Help me stop doing things my way.   I need to listen to YOUR way.  Amen.”