“Then the prophet Isaiah called on the Lord, and the Lord made the shadow go back the ten steps it had gone down on the stairway of Ahaz.”  2Kings 20:11 NIV


Read:   2Kings 20:1-11


We went through the motions of resetting our clocks last night and maybe a few more today.  Now, we will spend days adjusting our bodies to the time change.  Then in a few months, we will do it all again.


We seem to think we can adjust the time.   We can’t.  The time does not change just because we turn our clocks back or forward an hour.


The sun rises and sets at exactly the same time.  GOD planned it that way and we can’t change it.  We cannot stop the clock.   We cannot stop the earth turning on its axis, just as we cannot speed it up.   GOD set it all in perfect motion as HE created and only HE can change it.


We can play with our clocks and deceive ourselves into a schedule change, but we cannot do what GOD alone can do.   It is only when we resolve to follow GOD that we can succeed in changing anything.  The anything we can change is our self.  We cannot change anyone else…just us.


We can change our depraved lives to be more like CHRIST.   We can turn from the temptations of this earth.   We can be more of the original Adam and Eve as GOD created rather than as they turned listening to the evil serpent’s promises.


When you turn your clocks back, turn back to JESUS.  It’s time you did.


Today’s prayer:   “GOD MY CREATOR, Thank YOU for loving me.  Thank YOU for forgiving me in all my foolish attempts to do things on my own.  Help me to turn from my evil ways.  Amen.”