“JESUS wept.”   John 11:35 NIV

Read:  John 11:17-44

The toddler was securely fastened into his mother’s shopping cart.   As she passed the display of snacks and cookies he reached out and grabbed a package.  His mother explained that he could not have it and offered an alternative.   He refused.  As she pried his choice from his grip, the tears of disappointment gushed out!

When was the last time you cried tears of disappointment?   GOD created us with the ability to cry for a reason.    A good cry once in a while is good for us.   Just as we shed tears, we can shed the built up fears, angers, losses and disappointments.   Tears will help us, at times, to let go of the things we have bottled up.

Tears can also be tears of joy.   This seems a good time to remind you; real men do cry.

Scripture tells us important and necessary time to cry.  GOD’S word gives us good instructions and comfort.

Take a short trip through your Bible.   Esau and Jacob wept when re-united.  The Israelites wept over and over.   David wept.   Hezekiah wept.  Job wept.

Peter wept when he heard the rooster crow the second time.  Filled with disappointment in himself and his abandoning and denial of his SAVIOUR, Peter went outside and wept.

Standing outside the tomb of JESUS, seeing the empty tomb with the two angels, Mary wept.

JESUS wept.  If JESUS cried for HIS friend while knowing HE would restore the life of Lazarus, you can cry in GOD’S grace and mercy.

Today’s prayer:  “MY LORD, Thank YOU for giving me emotions and for YOU understanding my feelings.  By YOUR grace, I can praise and weep knowing YOU hear all my needs.  Amen.”