“and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them. Luke 2:7 NIV

Read: Luke 2: 1-21

One more roll of wrapping paper and a little more cello tape and you might be done! You have the kids’ gifts all wrapped. Your spouse, mom and dad, Aunt Julie, a couple of co-workers and of course your boss are all taken care of with special paper and cards.

With a little doubt and a little fear, you think; “Who did I forget?” With planning Christmas dinner, decorating, assembling toys, and running hear and there, it is easy to forget someone. If you are feeling stressed at this time, it is no wonder. But, it is wrong.

There is no reason to be stressed. Christmas is a time of celebration…a time of joy and peace. We are to celebrate the birth of JESUS, our SAVIOUR. We have no reason to put our worldly customs ahead of the real reason of Christmas.

Take a moment to relax and remember your Bible’s account of CHRIST’S birth. From the angel coming to Mary to the wise men from afar, everything about your LORD’S birth is special.

So, when presents are opened and someone is screaming open mine first, remember the Christmas story and who wrapped the first present. So, who did wrap the first Christmas present?

Mary, of course! As a new mother she wrapped the first Christmas present, the gift from GOD, in swaddling cloths and laid HIM in the manger’s crib. JESUS, the first Christmas present and the best gift you will ever receive.

Tell this story of “the first wrapping of a Christmas present’ to others today. Share the story of JESUS.

Today’s prayer: “JESUS, Thank YOU for coming to save me. Today, help me lay my selfish thoughts and desires aside and focus on telling others your story. Amen.”