“Thanks be to God for HIS indescribable GIFT!”  2Corinthians 9:15 NIV


Read:  2Corinthians 9: 6-15

Have you ever received a gift from an unknown giver.   No matter how nice, needed or useful the gift may be, there is something missing.  What is missing?

The giver is the gift.  Think about it.   What good is receiving a gift if you can’t appreciate and thank the giver?   The giver completes the gift.   Knowing who is giving you something and why they are giving it to you allows us to appreciate the gift even more.


During this celebration of our SAVIOUR’S birth, you may receive several gifts.   I urge you to keep a mindful balance of all you receive.   Too many times we are focused on the gift and not the giver.

There is another gift we may be taking advantage.  JESUS is both the gift and the giver.   GOD gave us HIS most precious gift…HIS SON…born to die for you and each of us.

Are you preparing to appreciate the most wonderful gift you can ever receive or are you too involved with the ‘holidays’?    Are you taking the time to appreciate the GIVER as well as the GIFT?   Stop for a moment and prepare yourself for the days to come.  Remember to thank the giver and to truly appreciate them.  The gift is the giver.

Today’s prayer:   ‘GOD MY CREATOR, Thank YOU for sending us YOUR SON as the GIFT I am not deserving.  Help me appreciate YOUR GIFT and all the gifts from others this Christmas along with a deep appreciation and thanks to all who have thought of me.   Amen.”