“Now we know that whatever the law says, it says to those who are under the law, so that every mouth may be silenced and the whole world held accountable to God.”  Romans 3:19 NIV


Read:  Romans 3:19-24


My mother’s father was a simple man of few words, yet you could feel his love and kindness.  ‘Dirt poor’ was an old expression I learned as a child and it described him well.


When I was 12, while I was with him in his rickety tool shed, he told me to get a nickel from my mother.  Returning, I gave him the nickel.   Then he reached on a shelf and gave me a large pocket knife,   He told me he was selling it to me for the nickel.   That way, if I cut myself, he would not be responsible since I bought the knife.  He said, if he had given it to me, he would be responsible for my carelessness.


In Papa’s sweet simple mind, he removed all responsibility of his actions by transferring the responsibility to me since I bought the knife from him and it was not his gift to me.   All too often, we attempt to transfer our own responsibilities through misguided efforts.


Peter tried to save his own skin with misguided efforts by denying he knew JESUS three times.  When the rooster crowed the third time, guilt came home to roost (no pun intended).   It took the crowing of the rooster to remind Peter of what JESUS had told him.  Still scared, but Peter became one of the great disciples of CHRIST.


You can become great in all you do as well.   Pick up the Cross and accept the responsibilities JESUS gave to you.


Today’s prayer:  “My sovereign LORD, Thank YOU for being tolerant of me when I am less than accountable for my own actions and shift the blame to others.   I will be more responsible for my actions, words and thoughts.  Amen.”