“THEN . . . IT HIT ME!”

“But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.”  1Thessolonians 5:4 NIV


Read:  1Thessolonians 5:1-11


It sounds like something Babe Ruth would have said;  “I wondered why the baseball appeared to be getting bigger, then it hit me!”  A baseball on the noggin’ doesn’t feel very good.

It is more than baseballs that seem to hit us before we get the message.  Sometimes, we need a warning to remind us of things that should be very obvious.  There is no reason to be surprised.
Are you so busy, so involved, with all the distractions of daily life you forget to pay attention to the things that really matter?  Do you make one more phone call at work and then you are 20 minutes late picking your kids up from school?   Did you forget to pick up flowers and a card for your mother’s birthday last week?   What is really important to you?

Once today is gone; it is gone.   If you intend to do tomorrow what you did not do today, then when will you do the things you have to do tomorrow since you put off them off to do all you did not do today?

If JESUS were to come in one hour to raise up all believers, would you be ready?  As our scripture verses tell us; there will be no warning.   It will be worse than getting hit by that baseball if you are not ready.   It will be eternal death.   Now, is the time.   Don’t put it off any longer.  Ask JESUS to forgive your sins and turn your life over to HIM now.   Not an hour from now…now.   Then do as HE says and live the rest of your life for HIM.

Today’s prayer:  “LORD JESUS, Thank YOU for loving me more than I have loved YOU.  I don’t want to live without YOUR love.  Starting now, I will never be too busy for YOU and all YOU ask of me.  I am ready.  Amen.”