“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.”   Psalm 104:33 NIV


Read:   Psalm 104:  31-35

Time is like money.  When you are out of it,  there is no more.   You cannot print more money when you are broke and you cannot turn back the clock to create more time when you have used all your minutes.

No matter how much money and possessions we have, our society has convinced us we need just a little more.   Just a little more has become the standard we have chosen to live by.  All we gain, we will leave to others.   In time when our minutes are over we will have no need for any measure of gold or silver.

You can leave all your gains to others who will spend it as they see, not as you would have chosen.   If you believe you will be helping family or others, you might.  Often you may not be helping, but complicating the lives of some whom cannot handle it responsibly

Time is like money.   It has a value all its own.   At the end of your time you will discover if you have not already, time is more valuable than any amount of money.   When you are at your days, how much would you pay for another hour or another year?

GOD is in control.   HE can bless you with money for a time and HE can bless you with time to enjoy this life and HE can stop that time when HE alone chooses.

Are you a good steward of the money and time GOD has entrusted you with?   Are you praising HIM with the money and time?

Today’s prayer:  “GOD MY CREATOR, Thank YOU for the money and financial comforts YOU have allowed me to use.  I understand the time YOU have allowed me is now much more valuable than money.  Amen.”