“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”   Matthew 38:19 NIV


Read:  Matthew 28:16-20


The phone rings and you hear a voice long forgotten or maybe pushing a shopping cart through the grocery store a face appears you barely remember.   These unexpected encounters remind us of how little we know of GOD’S plan for our lives.


GOD’S ancient people were so concerned about their daily lives they grew faithless.   For thousands of years they had been promised a MESSIAH.  JESUS was born, just as all the prophesies of the Old Testament had taught.  Still, with the star shining bright above that manger, GOD in human flesh laid in a bed of straw.


Most of us have still not progressed very far.   The majority of the world  knows of JESUS, yet refuses to believe.   Even more who claim to believer, have better things to do than do as GOD has told them.


We are told to come together to worship.   Will you gather with other believers today?   We are told to make disciples of all….not to just tell others about our RISEN SAVIOUR…but, to make disciples of all nations.   Are you making disciples of others?  Telling others about JESUS is only part of HIS instruction. This command was given to all believers…including you.


Are you a passive believer or are you a true disciple of CHRIST?   If JESUS returned today would you be ready or would HE arrive totally unexpected?


Today’s prayer:   “JESUS,  Thank YOU for being my SAVIOUR.  I want to be YOUR disciple and to share YOUR gospel message to others.  Help me to share your message with others who will then take YOUR message to even more.  Amen.”