“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”   Psalm 27:14 NIV


Read:   Psalm 27:1-14


With the closing of 2017, many are glad to see the year ending with great hopes for a better 2018 year.   The truth is if we put our hope and faith in the turning of a page on the calendar we are preparing for a great disappointment.   The calendar doesn’t change a thing.


The calendar displaying a new year’s date will not heal the serious illness, mend a broken heart, restore stolen property or give you a new job.


Any and all restoration; spiritually, physically or emotionally will come about only through faith in our LIVING GOD.   By faithfully understanding GOD alone has a timetable for all these things, we can find comfort in waiting.   His timing may be at the turning of a calendar page, but it may also mean waiting another year or even a decade.  We often are students, during difficult times, being taught patience.


Find peace in knowing GOD is in control and all is under HIS control not ours.   Trust and believe in all HE can do and has done for you.   In time, not necessarily at the stroke of midnight, your life can change.   Meanwhile, take your request to GOD.   Make your request a vigil under our LORD.  Then, wait for HIS calendar to change…not yours.


Today’s prayer: “GOD OF ALL HEAVEN AND EARTH, Thank YOU for YOUR wisdom  and YOUR timetable.  Help me to be more patient and to wait for YOU to guide me in all things.   Amen.”