“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.”

Isaiah 32: 8 NIV

Read: Isaiah 32:2-8

When was the last time you questioned yourself? I do it often. Sometimes, too often. It seems when I make a mistake, I look back on the situation and ask myself; ‘What was I thinking?’. Many times, I was not thinking. I can easily cause difficulties for myself and others by not thinking and just doing or saying something off the cuff.

How about you? Do you question your actions or judgment? Do you look back at times when your decisions were totally off base? Are others still facing difficult issues because of your decision? It is not to late to fix a problem you may have created.

There is an old saying with carpenters and wood workers: “Measure twice, cut once.” We can re-think this adage. We could find it helpful if we: “Think twice, act or speak once.” It would make life easier for us if we did think twice before we acted or spoke too quickly.

When we are in a situation, it is not enough to think about just the moment. We need to think about both the immediate and long term result of our actions. When JESUS was being arrested, in an act to defend Jesus, Peter cut off one of the servants’ ears. JESUS immediately healed it, but the act stayed with Peter. Peter’s denial of JESUS was when he was spotted and reported to be the one of JESUS’ followers who had cut off the man’s ear. Peter lied and denied it.

Denying our mistakes, wrongful actions and hurtful words will not benefit us. We need to take responsibilities for our actions and words and ask those we have hurt for their forgiveness. A sincere heart will ask GOD to forgive and for help in making wrong things right.

Next time think what GOD wants you to do before having to say to yourself; “What was I thinking?”

Today’s Prayer: “JESUS, As you forgave Peter and healed his actions, help me to think first in all situations asking YOU to guide me in what I should do and say. Amen.”