“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”  Revelation 22:13 NIV


Read:  Revelation 22: 1-16

‘When did eternity begin?’   It sounds like a subject for debate or a question for the great minds at some type of symposium or conference.


Actually, there are only two answers and both are correct.   As in today’s reading, GOD tells us HE is ETERNITY.   GOD IS ETERNITY.   GOD is the beginning and the end.   Nothing else has a beginning and end that is without measure.


GOD was the creator of this world before there was time as we know it and GOD will survive this earth to reign forever.   HE is the beginning and the end.  That is our first answer to ‘when did eternity begin’.


The other correct answer depends on whether you have been saved.   You see, to have eternity with GOD, you have to be a born again believer.   For those who have accepted JESUS as LORD and SAVIOUR of their lives, eternity began when they accepted JESUS.   Without JESUS in your life, there is no eternity in heaven as John described in book of Revelation.  You cannot create eternity, but you can join GOD.


Isn’t it time you found eternity?   You have had a hundred million chances up to now.   ‘Now’ is the critical word.   Now is the time to ask JESUS into your heart for all eternity.  This minute you can join GOD and share in HIS eternity.


Today’s prayer: “JESUS, YOU are my SAVIOUR.   I want to join you in Heaven for the balance of eternity.  I confess to YOU all my sinful thoughts and actions.  Help me to live for YOU today.  Amen.”