“GOD said to Moses, ‘I AM who I AM……This is my name forever, the name you shall call me from generation to generation.'”  Exodus 3:14a, 15b NIV

Read:  Exodus 3:1-15
How close to GOD are you?  Most of us would be quick to answer; “Very close!”.  Are you really?  Would you like to be even closer?  You can be.

To get closer to GOD, you first have to understand where you are.   It starts with faith.   Where are you in understanding your faith?   You have established a doctrine.  Part of it may be from your understanding of GOD when you were a child.   Part of your doctrine may be from your studies of your Bible over the years on your own or as part of a study group.   Part of your doctrine you may have taken from the church you attend.
Can you imagine a bull’s eye target with GOD in the center?   That is where we all should want to be.  In the next circle out is where our faith doctrine is.   How accurate your doctrine is determines how close to GOD you really are.

The next circle out is your opinion.   You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but opinion is just that; an opinion which everyone has.   Opinion is not based upon theology or doctrine.  This is one step further from GOD than your doctrine.

If you want to be closer to GOD, depend less on your opinion and more on what you have to do to be close to GOD.  Your opinion can be keeping you from being close to GOD.  Your doctrine is a bit more confusing.   Your doctrine can help you get closer to GOD  or it can be keeping you from HIM.

Instead of depending upon yourself, ask GOD where HE wants you to be.  Ask GOD what HE wants for you and what HE wants of you.  Listen carefully and just do what GOD tells you.   It’s more simple than what you might think.

Today’ prayer:   “GOD MY FATHER, Thank YOU for always being here for me.  I do want to be closer to YOU.  I am sorry for the times I have wandered from YOU.   Help me to accept all YOU have for me and understand what YOU want of me.   Amen.”