“Then one of the Twelve-the one called Judas Iscariot-went to the chief priests and asked, ‘What are you willing to give me if I deliver HIM over to you?’ So they counted out for him thirty pieces of silver.” Matthew 16:14-15 NIV

Read: Matthew 26:14-25

Who is your Judas? Who is always taking advantage of, condemning and criticizing you? Maybe, your Judas is a co-worker or acquaintance who is always ready to get anything they can from you, but who would run away rather than help you in a time of need. They could even be a family member. Who is it that is always bragging of having more than you? Is your Judas someone who thinks more of themselves than it seems they think of others?

The answer is probably more easily understood when you are extremely honest with yourself. Perhaps, your Judas is the one you allow to be your Judas. Is it possible your Judas is largely successful because you may be allowing them to control the situation?

JESUS chose Judas, knowing he would turn on HIM.

As JESUS was being mocked, slandered, wrongly accused, tortured and crucified, HE never pointed a finger and said: ‘This is all Judas’ fault!’ JESUS knew this was HIS FATHER’S plan and Judas played out the part GOD allowed.

While your Judas’ tauntings and condemnations are not from GOD but are an evil display, you need to be set free of them. When you stop blaming your Judas for your problems and situations, you will start growing free of their actions and words.

How do you get free of your Judas? Pray. Start with telling GOD of the details of your specific situation. Then ask GOD to help you deal with the adversities. GOD has the ability to take on the negatives you cannot deal with on your own. Turn your Judas over to GOD. Stop being a victim of your Judas’ attacks and start being a survivor under the protection of the HOLY SPIRIT who lives within you 24 hours of everyday.

JESUS can set you free of every grasp of the evils of this world.

Today’s Prayer: “DEAR GOD, Thank YOU for protecting me. Help me to turn over the trials and condemnations that others put upon me. I give these problems to YOU and trust YOU to deal with them as YOU know best. Amen.”