“Now let the fear of the LORD be on you. Judge carefully, for with the LORD our GOD there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.” 2 Chronicles 19:7 NIV

Read: 2 Chronicles 19:3-11

“Wrong, wrong, wrong!” How many times do you have to say it to make your point? On the other hand, how many times do you have to hear it before you are beaten down?


Often, we will take on a new project or responsibilities with fears of doubt. We struggle with the newness or difficulty while giving it our best. After a lot of dedicated effort, we succeed at something we had never done before. Our smiles reflected our success. What made us feel even better is when others recognized our efforts and gave us that reassuring pat on the back.


But, what if during our trials and errors before such success someone stood by telling us “wrong, wrong, wrong!” We might have easily given in and given up. Constant condemnation, wrong, wrong, wrong, can emotionally destroy even the strongest individual.


If you have been beaten down like this, know GOD loves you and will lift you up. Give your beaten, destroyed feelings to GOD. You really don’t want them, so why hang onto them? GOD wants all your problems.


Maybe you have been the one to be critical of another. When was the last time you said or even thought ‘wrong, wrong, wrong’ to another? Instead of condemning, you could have encouraged them. It is not too late to turn the situation around…even if they failed at their task. Tell them you are sorry…really sorry. Offer them help to complete the difficulties they felt they failed at under your destructive words.


If you failed GOD in your actions, ask HIM to forgive you. HE will! Share with HIM your most discouraging moments and your moments of total failure. GOD wants you to come to HIM. GOD wants you to depend upon HIM.


While others may be tearing you down with ‘wrong, wrong, wrong’, GOD can lift you up with ‘Right, right, right!, my faithful servant’.


Today’s prayer: “My PROTECTOR, Thank YOU for always being here for me. Help me be less judgmental of others and free from the destroying judgment of others. Amen.”