“YOU BROKE IT, YOU FIX IT!” Wednesday Minute

“If you really change your ways and your actions and deal with each other justly…”   Jeremiah 7:5 NIV


Read:   Jeremiah 7:23-28


Accountability.  It seems to be disappearing in our society at an alarming rate. You may have loaned a tool or a personal item only to have it returned in less than favorable condition.  Many are simply not responsible and are not appreciative of your generous nature in loaning them things.  Are you different?   Do you return things in as good or better condition than when you borrowed them?  If you break something entrusted to you, do you fix it?


More than caring for material things, how about promises?   Is your word good?    Do you keep your promises or is an almost kept promise good enough?   Do you fix broken promises?


While we fail in keeping our promises to one another, we should never fail in keeping our promises to GOD.   GOD never has and never will fail in keeping HIS promises to you.


We read in the Old and New Testaments of GOD’S perfect promises.  For every promise we read, we also read of fifty times or more of people who broke their promises to HIM.   Broken promises are continuing today, just as they did thousands of years ago.   We have not changed from the people of old.  We have not learned from all GOD has told us.   We are still breaking our promises to GOD and failing to fix what we have broken.


As our title instructs; “you broke it, you fix it”.   No one can fix your broken promises to GOD except you.  Your mom or dad can’t fix the promise you made to GOD and broke.   Your spouse can’t fix your wrong and you can’t hire someone to go to GOD in repentance.   Fixing your broken promise or promises is something you have to do.  It is part of your personal relationship with your Heavenly FATHER.  Fix what you need to fix.


Today’s prayer:  “Thank YOU, FATHER, for hearing my prayer.   Thank YOU for forgiving all my broken promises to YOU.   Hold my hand this day and guide me to do YOUR will so that this day I don’t break a single promise to YOU.  Amen.”