“YOU DON’T LIKE JEWS?” Sunday Sermonette

“Above his head they placed the written charge against him: this is JESUS, the king of the Jews.”  Matthew 27:37 NIV


Read:   Matthew 1:1-17


Why not?   Why do we like or dislike people because of their race, origin or religion?   This is one situation that you can ‘initially’ blame someone else.   Maybe, you learned it from your family, or were exposed to a bias in school or your neighborhood.


But, it stops there.   You learned to dislike or hate from someone else, but it does not mean you have to continue it.   So, why do you not like Jews?   All Jews or just some Jews?  Are you getting the point?  Not liking Jews is like saying you don’t like a person because they have red hair or they are not tall enough or because they came from a certain city.


That is what happened two thousand years ago.   CHRIST was a Jew but HE came from a poor little city and those in authority looked down on HIM because of where HE was born.  Today, we would say ‘HE came from the wrong side of the tracks’.


Still not liking Jews?   Did you know the Bible you read and study GOD’S word from was written, except for one author, by Jews.   Each and every chapter in the Old Testament and the New Testament, lacking one, was written by a Jew.  Do you not like Moses, David, Isaiah, Matthew, Peter or Paul?   How about JESUS himself, the greatest Jew of all time.


Like the man said…think about it.   Jews….GOD’S chosen people and as Christians we have been given the gift from JESUS to join HIS chosen people.


Today’s prayer:  “JESUS, Thank YOU for putting up with my bias and selfish nature.  Please forgive me.   Help me to look at the person, accept Jews and others and share YOUR gospel with them.   Amen.”