“Anyone who withholds kindness from a friend forsakes the fear of the Almighty.”  Job 6:14 NIV
Read:  Job 6:14-30


I remember a scene from an old Disney movie.  A little boy was proudly describing another boy as his ‘bestus friend in the whole wide world’. As best I can determine, his choice of words came from the old south and probably were taken from the term ”the best of us”.   We might say something happens to the best of us in a sad situation.   This young man was saying boldly his ‘bestus’ friend was his very best friend above everyone else.


Do you have a ‘bestus’ friend in the whole wide world?   I would describe a ‘bestus’ friend as one you could call at 2 a.m. waking them  from a deep sleep and they would get dressed and come immediately to your aid.


Of course to have a ‘bestus’ friend, you need to be a ‘bestus’ friend as well.  Are you prepared to be a ‘bestus’ friend when called upon?   How about being a ‘bestus’ friend even when you are not asked?   Being a ‘bestus’ friend without ever being asked describes a person of great integrity.

Shouldn’t we treat everyone with such integrity?   Even a total stranger needs a ‘bestus’ friend at one time or another.  Being a ‘bestus’ friend should be the right thing to do without ever being asked.

JESUS is your ‘bestus’ friend.   Are you HIS?   Who do you know who would lay down their life for you, take on all your sins and guarantee you a place for all eternity in Heaven?

Today’s prayer:   “HOLY SPIRIT in me, Thank YOU for opening my eyes so I might see and understand YOU are indeed my ‘bestus’ friend.   Help me to live as a ‘bestus’ friend while reaching out to others.   Amen.”